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What is GISMO demo data?

This directory contains sample data in a variety of common seismic formats. These are used in tutorials, longer examples, and for testing GISMO as new features are added to ensure the robustness of each new release.

Directory listing

  • css3.0
    Databases in Center for Seismic Studies 3.0 schema format. This is the relational database format used by Antelope, and used heavily in nuclear test monitoring and regional earthquake monitoring communities. The most important database tables are origin (which contains event metadata) and wfdisc (which describes the waveform data available).
    • antelope2waveform_testdb: wfdisc
    • avodb200903: event origin
    • avodb20080712: event origin
    • demodb: wfdisc
    • rtdb200903: event origin
  • MiniSeed
    waveform data files in MiniSEED format
    • Data from Redoubt Volcano, Alaska, build-up to eruption on March 23.
    • waveform_data/REF.EHZ.2009.081
      MiniSEED file for station REF, channel EHZ on day 81 of 2009 (March 22).
    • waveform_data/RSO.EHZ.2009.081
  • RSAM
    Real-time Seismic Amplitude Measurement files in binary "BOB" format. Each sample represents the average amplitude (in counts) for 1-minute. Each file is for one station channel per year. RSAM has been by volcano observatories since the mid-1980s.
    • rsam/MCPZ1996.DAT: RSAM data for Montserrat Chances Peak vertical component in 1996.
    • rsam/MCPZ1997.DAT: RSAM data for Montserrat Chances Peak vertical component in 1997.
  • sac
    waveform data files in SAC format
    • example_sacfile.sac
    • IU.COLA.10.BHZ.M.2002.307.220803.SAC
    • REF.EHZ.2009-03-22.sac
      sac waveform data for station REF, channel EHZ on March 22, 2009.
  • sacpz
    Pole-zero instrument response files
    • SACPZ.IU.COLA.10.BHE: sacpz file for the east component of station COLA
    • SACPZ.IU.COLA.10.BHN: sacpz file for the north component of station COLA
    • SACPZ.IU.COLA.10.BHZ: sacpz file for the vertical component of station COLA
  • seisan
    Part of the Seisan databases for the Montserrat Volcano Observatory. The two databases are MVOE_ which stands for MVO events, and DSNC_ which stands for digital seismic network continuous. The WAV directory contains waveform data files in Seisan format under a directory structure DATABASENAME/YEAR/MONTH. The REA directory contains event metadata files ("Sfiles" in Seisan terminology) containing information like event time, hypocenter coordinates, magnitude and phase arrivals used etc.
    • REA/MVOE_/1996/11
      MVO event catalog metadata for Nov 1996. Contains 1084 Sfiles.
    • WAV/MVOE_/2001/02
      Contains 1 segmented waveform file (in Seisan format).


Download a zip file containing all the demo data (82 MB).